BD & Partnerships Career Summit

Building a career in Business Development & Partnerships isn't like being a lawyer or an accountant. There's no clear path to follow. It's easy to feel like you're constantly figuring things out as you go along.

It doesn't have to be that way.  During this free event, you'll hear from seasoned experts on how they've built their careers - and how you can do the same.

The event is over, but check out the recap below

Scott Pollack
CEO of Firneo
Author, What, Exactly, Is Business Development? 

How to Build a Partnerships Engine That Gets You Promoted

It’s common in partnerships to feel like you’re “winging it” and learning to do the job through constant trial & error. But what if instead you could learn a proven playbook for building successful partnerships that can transform your company and your career?

In this workshop, Scott Pollack, co-founder of Firneo and author of What, Exactly, is Business Development? shared how the Value Alignment framework can power a system for repeatedly driving success partnerships -- and help you achieve the next level in your career.

PLUS, hear a special announcement from Scott - you won't want to miss this one.
Jared Fuller

Chief Ecosystems Officers and the Future of Your Career

For years, careers in partnerships hit a ceiling at VP. But that’s all changing as we enter what analyst Jay McBain calls the “decade of ecosystems.”

As the value of partnerships becomes increasingly recognized, opportunities to rise into the C-suite as a Chief Ecosystems Officer or Chief Partnerships Officer will increasingly become the norm.

In this workshop, founder and PartnerUp podcast host Jared Fuller, shared insights into how you can plan and prepare yourself for the future of your career.

Rudmila Rahman
Corporate Business Development, Amazon

Picking the Right BD & Partnerships Roles

When everyone thinks differently about ‘business development’ and ‘partnerships’ even mean, how do you know which jobs will help you achieve your career goals and which ones could hold you back?

As an experienced BD and partnerships leader currently at Amazon, and formerly at fintech startups and Wall Street firms after her Harvard MBA, Rudmila has had her pick of roles. In this workshop, she shared how she thinks about getting the business development jobs that ladder up to the career you want in the future.
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